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Welcome! You found the web home for Diffware Computer Services and Fun Factory.

This site is divided into sections: this section contains general information about the business and this website. The red section has more specific information about our Computer Services, and the blue section refers to our Hobbies and Games offerings. You can click on the tab for a particular section to get to that section, then on the menu bar below the tabs for more specific information within each section.

Also worth noting, there are links embeded within the text of these pages - we think the underlining of links on "normal" pages is tacky, so we did away with it. You will find these links when you move your pointer over them. They will highlight, and the pointer will change.

While we're on the subject of links, please click the "Fight Hunger" link in the upper right corner. For the cost of only a few seconds of your time, you can donate food to the hungry, malnourished, starving people of the world.

This page looks best when viewed in a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox. We recomend a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768, as you will then avoid having a horizontal scroll bar.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find the information you seek. Feel free to give us a call and we will work to answer your question!

The local telephone directory still shows us at our old office (184 S Main), rather odd given that the telephone company moved our service to our present location (367 N Delaware) in August 2014...

If you have one of our old email addresses (anything at the @diffwareriverside.com domain) in your address book, please delete it, as they are no longer valid. If you need our current email address, feel free to speak with Keith by phone or in person!

Fun Factory 367 N. Delaware St., Mount Gilead, OH Phone: 419-946-1954
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