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Welcome to Diffware Computer Services on the web! Here, you will find information about our products and services including repairs and upgrades of existing computers, new and used computers for sale, and computer recycling.

If you seek information about our Fun Factory division, click the blue tab above, and if you seek more general information, such as store hours and location, click the green tab above.

Intel NVidia Microsoft Windows Ubuntu Linux AMD Radeon AMD

Whether you seek a new computer or repairs to your existing PC, you can rest assured we have the expertise to help you. Our senior technician, Keith, has been building and repairing PCs for more than 20 years professionally. He has acquired certification as a PC Technician (including specific training from Intel® and AMD®), as a Network Technician, and in HTML and Javascript programming, and has built over 100 personal computers during that time. He's worked on machines from DOS and Windows 3.0 through the current generation Windows 10, and has experience with MacOS and Linux as well.

The local telephone directory still shows us at our old office (184 S Main), quite odd given that they moved our service to our current location (367 N Delaware) in late August 2014...

If you have one of our old email addresses (anything at the @diffwareriverside.com domain) in your address book, please remove it, as they are no longer valid. If you need our current email address, feel free to contact Keith at the office by telephone or in person!

Fun Factory 367 N. Delaware St., Mount Gilead, OH Phone: 419-946-1954
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