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Here at the Fun Factory, we like games! We've been playing them since we were toddlers, and we plan to keep on playing until we meet our maker.

We carry a wide variety of games. While we can order the classic board games with which you may already be familiar (such as Candy Land or Monopoly - though we do have a small selection of licensed/themed versions of several of these classics), the more typical games we carry are a little different. We carry games that emphasize social interaction and education in addition to fun. Many of our stock titles have won awards, such as Wits and Wagers from North Star Games, and AmuseAmaze from HL Games.

Games can be a great educational tool. Kids readily engage in play for the fun of it, while at the same time they're practicing their skills. Whether you're looking to help a child who is behind in a subject, or are supplementing his/her special interests, we have the games for the job. Math, reading, spelling, grammar, history, spatial skills, teamwork, critical thinking, strategic thinking, even foreign language skills, we have them all!

Many games are really more of a hobby unto themselves. Board games like Descent, feature a number of scenarios right in the box, but also offer a host of expansions. By definition, collectible card and miniatures games involve the hobby of collecting and trading. Many non-collectible miniatures lines delve into the hobbies of painting, modeling, and customization of the figures. Role playing games are by nature hobby forming, as the players invest their time in creating their in-game characters. A good percentage of these hobby games offer regular tournaments and other events to further the hobby side - and Fun Factory participates in many of these organized play programs.

One might think that, as our other division is all about computers, we sell computer and console video games. While these games are often visually stimulating, we find they severly limit the social interaction and relationship building that we find to be a vital part of the gaming culture. As one of our main goals is to build relationships through games, video games do not fit our criteria.

Whether you're looking for some simple midless fun, are looking for just the right miniature to complete your collection, or are looking to enhance your child(ren)'s learning, we have a game to suit. While we stock a wide variety of games, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other games available. If you seek something we do not stock, but it is still in print, we will be happy to special order it for you - and we'll take 10% off the MSRP for your troubles!

Fun Factory - fun for the whole family!

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