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Many game companies offer sanctioned tournaments and other events for their respective game lines. These leagues and tournaments offer their consumers a chance to meet and compete with players from their area, and, at higher levels, with people from around the region, nation, even world. The Fun Factory offers a variety of events for many of the game lines we carry. Check our schedule in the General Information section. We also offer demonstrations of many of the games we stock. Sometimes we put demostrations for specific games on our schedule, but will be happy to make an appointment with you to demonstrate any of the games for which we have a demo copy!

Many of the events we run involve collectible miniatures or collectible card games. There are several common types of tournaments held for collectible games - below are some broad definitions for those of you new to the collectible games organized play system.

Constructed: For a Constructed event, players build their army/team of miniatures or deck of cards out of their existing collections prior to the event. Depending on the game line and the particulars of a specific event, there may be restrictions on which set or sets to build from, and will often be a figure, point, or card number limit as well.

Sealed: A Sealed event consists of players receiving product for the game line as part of the tournament entry fee, then building their team/deck on the spot from the contents of that product. Players will typically need to bring other common items for play such as dice, tokens, objects, and other basics for the game, but the figures/cards to be played will all come from the materials provided for the tournament.

Draft: Draft events are a type of sealed tournament, as participants receive product as part of their tournament entry fee. However, rather than just opening the product and building from what was pulled out, in the draft environment, the players open their product and pull out ONE item, pass the remaining cards/minis to the next person, pick out ONE item from what was passed to them and pass the remainder of this pile on, and so on, until all the items from each pack have been drafted. Again, as with regular sealed tournaments, players in a draft event will often need to bring other common items of play, like dice, tokens, etc.

Demonstration (or Demo): A Demonstration event is just what it says, a demonstration for a particular game. Typically everything needed to play is provided by the host/Tournament Organizer. These are designed to show players new to a game the basics of how to play the game. Quite often, venues (like Fun Factory) will schedule a demonstration followed immediately by...

Quick Play: Many game companies come up with one or more Quick Play formats, typically designed to get a new player fresh from a demonstration right into a game. In a Quick Play event, typically everything needed for play is provided - sometimes these are Sealed or Draft events, and sometimes the host/Tournament Organizer will have preconstructed teams/decks ready for play.

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