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Diffware Computer Services is proud to offer computer and peripheral recycling.

Did you know that your computer, monitor, printer, and other electronic equipment, contains mercury, lead, and other potentially hazardous materials? If these electronics are simply thrown out with the trash, these chemicals can seep through the ground and contaminate our ground water supplies. Fortunately, we offer you a solution.

For a small fee, we will take your broken and/or obsolete computer and electronic materials. We salvage from them whatever working parts we can, then separate the various unusable components. The metal and plastic housings are recycled locally, while the circuit boards and other electronic parts are sent to reputable electronics recyclers - who have advanced processes for recycling even these pieces. No part of your Diffware recycled equipment ends up in a landfill.

Saving the planet while saving you a trip to Columbus or Cleveland to properly dispose of these items, Diffware does it all. Experience the Diffware difference!

Fun Factory 367 N. Delaware St., Mount Gilead, OH Phone: 419-946-1954
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