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Diffware Computer Services focuses on the repair of existing computer systems. With years of experience diagnosing both hardware and software problems, we have the expertise to find the source of whatever computer problems you are experiencing.

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Our general diagnostics and repairs are rather thorough, and often take two to three business days to complete once a system has been put on the workbench. We utilize a half-dozen or more distinct virus and other malware scanners, each of which typically takes several hours to run, as well as testing and optimizing various hardware and operating system components in your system.

When a more specific problem is presented, we usually will not run the full suite of diagnostics, but rather will address the source of the problem directly. This is typically the case when there are hardware problems, rather than suspected virus/malware infections.

Should we find hardware problems with your system, we have access to many replacement parts. We will inform you of the part(s) that have failed, and offer solutions for repair or replacement, and will advise you whether or not the repair is cost effective.

We often will evaluate systems for inexpensive upgrade options as well, like adding RAM. Such upgrade options often cost relatively little, but provide significant performance enhancement.

When parts are to be installed or replaced, we generally can get new parts by the next business day. In some cases, only used parts will suffice for a particular repair, and those can take longer to receive, as we are at the mercy of the seller and the delivery system used - but we will certainly provide you with this information, and an estimated date of arrival.

We offer our repair service both in our shop during our business hours, as well as in your home or office, by appointment. In cases where general diagnostics are called for, on-site service is inefficient; however, we will be happy to pick up your computer for in-shop service, and return it to your home or office once the repairs and/or upgrades are completed.

When you find yourself in need of computer repair, give us a call, or bring the computer in to the shop. We will get it back in working order, and you'll be back in business. Experience the Diffware difference!

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